simple pour apéro

Bacon sticks they look like dog treats but sound yummy lol food recipe

Feuilletés de Noël Salés

This little star recipe is equally good for a Christmas buffet, new year ball or Oscar or film night party Noël Salés

Mini flammekueches étoiles pour l’apéro : trop bon trop mignon !!!

Mini flammekueches étoiles pour l'apéro

Santa strawberries    Ingredients:  * Strawberries  * 100ml cream  * ½ tsp vanilla extract  * Choc Drops for decoration    Instructions:  1. Whip the cream with the vanilla until soft peaks form.  2. Put the cream in a piping bag fitted with a star tip.  3. Wash and dry the strawberries then cut the bottom off so that they stand up.  4. Slice them in half and pipe some cream on top.  5. Put the ‘hat’ back on and pipe a little more cream on the top.  6. & add the Choc Drops for eyes!

18 Astuces Ingénieuses Pour Vous Faciliter la Préparation du Repas de Noël.

Not really a recipe but an idea: Yummy Santas made with strawberries and a little piped whipped cream!