Paul Newman

Ok, there are just people in this world that are beautiful. Paul Newman is one of these people. Classic, rugged, and age only brought about perfection. And he has his own salad dressing. I mean for real.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a versatile actor who's known for his portrayal in Green Lantern and Safe House. He also made headlines for marrying Scarlett Johansson and later, Blake Lively.

Robert Redford

Robert Redford, just take as long as you want drinking in his gorgeous face. whew Robert Redford is my celebrity crush, I'm telling you


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François Cluzet

Franois Cluzet born 21 September 1955 is a French film and theatre actor In 2007 Cluzet won a French Csar Award after starring as a doctor suspected of

Louis Garrel

Louis Garrel : « L'anonymat est un projet politique

Romain Duris

Romain Duris # french actor # actor frances # cinema - - making inspired suit

Marc Lavoine

Marc Lavoine is a vegetarian singer - French Famous Vegetarians, actors, actresses, and other vegan movies stars and musicians.

Simon Baker

Givenchy : Gentlemen Only Casual Chic - Trop Bon Trop Com -