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a sculpture of a horse that is standing on its hind legs
Sculptures de Christophe Charbonnel –
Christophe Charbonnel – sculpture cheval
a bronze statue of a woman sitting on a glass table with her arms crossed over her chest
Exposition DEVILLE-CHABROLLE Marie-Paule - Sculpteur, Sculptor, Escultor, Bildhauer
chabrolle sculpteur | Exposition DEVILLE-CHABROLLE Marie-Paule - Sculpteur, Sculptor ...
an eagle statue sitting on top of a tree stump in the water with it's wings spread out
Jeffro réalise d’impressionnantes sculptures faites uniquement avec du bois More
an image of a building made out of legos
Artiste peintre, Sandrine Blondel
an abstract painting with blue and white colors
Emmanuelle LOPEZ artiste peintre acrylique 60x40 #painture #decoration #tableau
a woman's face in black and white with the light shining on her right side
Het onderwerp is een vrouw en ze kijkt verlangend naar iets. Het is een foto dus er is geen materiaal. Er is vooral schaduw bij de neus dus dat is eigenschaduw. Ik heb hem gekozen omdat ik het een hele mooie foto vind omdat ze heel doordringend kijkt.
three colorful figurines are standing next to each other on a table, one is wearing a dress and the other has a shawl
a painting of a man holding a guitar
Yuriy Shevchuk (Tchéquie), Artiste Peintre Contemporain | Artmajeur
Jazz Rock John Mayer 05 by Yuriy Shevchuk
an african woman with blue eyes and colorful jewelry
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three red and white figurines are standing next to each other on a gray surface
madames - Jeanne-Sarah Bellaiche, Céramiste. Création de céramiques contemporaines en Bretagne.
two men and a woman walking down the street with bicycles parked in front of them
Teaser Instinct Monumental
Teaser Instinct Monumental
a painting of a woman sitting in the water with her hand on her chin and looking off into the distance
Nice to meet you..
a painting of a woman walking in the rain with an umbrella and red dress on
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Rouge et Blanc
a painting of two people walking their dogs in the rain
richard macneil art - Page 2
a painting of a man sitting on the ground playing a guitar with his hat on
Chuck Weber OIL