Arthur Cormier

Arthur Cormier

Arthur Cormier
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Escada molde

Different ways of drawing stairs - drawing reference

old face by rupert bathurst, via Flickr

WHO: Rupert Bathurst. WHY: I like how the artist paid a lot of attention to all the lines on the face and captured a face with amazing personality

Sketch a day inspiration for day 66 ~ Umbrella beautiful Andre Kohn sometimes i feel like being alone.

Guy Denning

Black & white drawing by Guy Denning

Trying this out on black, white and red paper

Mariah Isabella Whelan drawing - Pieces that do not look finished, though the whole point of them is to feel whole. I really love this idea

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Obsessed with drawing collar bones right now

Drawing Art by: Josh Midlow

Drawing Art by: Josh Midlow

Christiane Spangsberg

Riches for Rags - Christian spangsberg art

February James - Blind Contour Line Drawing

February James - Blind Contour Line Drawing, style suggests a deform- morph

Stephen Gardner

Art and illustration, sketch by Stephen Gardner.