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an intricate design on the back of a white and gold dress with black piping
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Rumi desen, iki renk altın kullanılmış
an image of jesus holding the cross in his hands
stained glass jesus
stained glass Jesus, from stained glass museum in Chicago. Via westerndave on
an image of jesus with his eyes closed
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Our Lord and Saviour
a statue of a man sitting on top of a white horse next to trees with orange leaves
Statue Of St. Francis Of Assisi by Larry & Linda Dunlap
St. Francis of Assisi-Patron Saint of Animals
a statue of jesus is sitting in the grass
St. Francis of Assisi
a statue of the virgin mary in front of some trees
Mother Mary l would be so blessed to have this beautiful statue in my garden.
a statue of the virgin mary holding her hands out with trees in the back ground
Medalla Milagrosa - Virgin Mary
Idol Worship
a statue of the virgin mary holding her hands together
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Madonna Print By Massimiliano Leban
a painting of the immaculate mary holding her hands together with flowers in front of it
Our Lady of the Rosary
Reunião de 18/05/2014 - Maria presente de Deus para nós!
a statue of the virgin mary with two baby jesus in her lap on a table
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Etsy のThe Immaculate Conception Glass Eye Virgin Mary with Angels Antique Religious Statues Art 1930s /344(ショップ名:GliciniaANTIC)
a statue of the virgin mary holding her hands together with stars on it's head
House of Gold
a painting of the saint benedict holding a book in his right hand and standing on a checkered floor
Срећна слава свима који данас славе Св. Николу :)
an old painting with a man holding a cross
Viktor Michailowitsch Wasnezow
Viktor Michailowitsch Wasnezow