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four different shades of gray, white and grey are featured in the same color scheme
The Color Story Library: A Curated Collection of 100 Color Palettes
the color palette is shown with different plants
Color combinations, color palette, color scheme, colors collage, tone, picture.
the color scheme is neutral and has dandelions
Colour Palettes, Color Palettes
the color scheme is teal, brown, and white with some feathers on it
fresh hues
a white bowl filled with macaroons on top of a table next to color swatches
Color Palette #1487
Light Colors — Our Chosen Child
Light Colors — Our Chosen Child
an image of the desert with mountains in the background and pastel colors to choose from
900+ Color Schemes ideas | color schemes, color, colour schemes
some pink flowers and green leaves on a white surface with color swatches in the middle
Graphic Corner 2
the color scheme is neutral and pale, with some white flowers in front of it
the color palette is pink, yellow and blue with shells on it's side
15 Downloadable Pastel Color Palettes For Summer
a pink chair sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant