Fried honey banana

"Fried" Honey Cinnamon Bananas-- only honey, banana and cinnamon and ALL good for you. They're amazing crispy goodness by themselves, or give a nice upgrade sprinkled over french toast or a peanut butter banana sandwich

POWER muffins: blueberry+oatmeal+yogurt=POWER

POWER muffins: blueberries, oatmeal, & greek yogurt --these were yummy.I had to use more yogurt than the recipe called for but YMMV. I used vanilla Greek yogurt since that's what I had.

link to homemade apple pie filling, thing I'd like to try it -- Apple Pie Dumplings! This easy recipe has just two ingredients and is so delicious served with a scoop of ice cream!

These are made with just 2 ingredients for an amazing dessert! When purchasing canned apple pie filling. I highly recommend buying a good quality brand. There is a recipe to make your own pie filling.

After cutting out rounds of cookie dough, create a pattern by using the bottom of a fancy glass. Simply dip the glass in some flour, then press into cookie dough to create an imprint. Use a pastry brush to remove the excess flour from the cookie.

Un gâteau très léger avec des pommes ultra fondantes Ce gâteau est si riche en fruits qu’on devine à peine la pâte, d’où le nom de « gâteau invisible » Cette recet…

Easy (& Flameless!) Pineapple Foster

This Easy Rum-Soaked Grilled Pineapple recipe is my flameless version of "pineapple foster". It's fresh, easy and crazy delicious." from Ali on Gimme Some Oven

It'd be nice for a Core Elf in the Echoes of Decide LARP I'm in. :) Expanded idea: This in ragged edged tough leather/suede perhaps.

Regular and Gluten Free pancakes. Made them this morning before school. Kids loved them. Had breakfast done, lunch made and kids off to school Easy and yummy recipe. Perfect homemade pancakes from scratch. Light and fluffy.

L'extrafondantissime à la noix de coco

Aardbeien tiramisu voor een sprankje zomer

Strawberry Tiramisu - summery and truly delicious with orange strawberry sauce that you dip the lady fingers in and lots of whipped cream and strawberries, yum yum!

This Easy Apple Dumplings recipe is a delicious, comforting fall treat that takes just minutes to prep. The whole family will love it!

Fig and Almond Butter Smoothie

Fig and Almond Butter Smoothie Ingredients: 1 cup almond milk (vanilla flavored) 1 ripe banana 4 frozen figs 1 tablespoon almond butter