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a black and white photo of a whale's tail
Animals Formed From Moiré Patterns by Designer Andrea Minini — Colossal
Beautiful! Animals in Moiré | Designer: Andrea Minini
three different types of surfboards on top of each other, one with a red and white stripe
Surf Art : DANIELA GARRETON This is the type of "edge" that I'm talking about, Sean. These figures are drawn with hard lines and have some grit.
a black and white drawing of a person with a hat on top of their head
by Bernadette Pascua (via ksny
a drawing of a man with a beard wearing a hat
JACQUES, acrylic and pencil on paper, 297x420mm 2011 Copyright © 2011 Daniela Garreton SOLD
a blue and white striped shirt on a white background
simple & stripes
love this illustration
a blue and white drawing of a man with a beard
mariner / nautical illustration style, pattern, vector, line
a poster with an animal standing on top of a hill
30 Artisti per gli Arctic30
By Davide Bonazzi for Greenpeace.
an advertisement for a women's clothing store featuring a woman in swimsuit and balloons
( Mathématiques + Chromatiques )
french and gold // Designer // #theslashies
the cross stitch pattern is designed to look like birds and flowers
papermoon affiche poster scandinave pastel tendance
several drawings are displayed on the wall in front of eachother's numbers
curated contemporary art /// danielle kroll
danielle kroll's sketchbook