Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin He has so many other, easier, options so then why is he going for the hardest one to reach.

Gilbert Garcin.

Gilbert Garcin's "Le Danger des Images" photograph is available for sale at HL Photograph Gallery. Find more French surrealist photography here.

Gilbert Garcin photography

Marseille, France artist Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin | GILBERT GARCIN

Gilbert Garcin, Le chien d’Elliott (d’après Elliott Erwitt) - Elliott’s dog (after Elliott Erwitt), 1995

© Gilbert Garcin

Pedro Hernández from La Periferia Domestica did a beautiful tribute to The Funambulist by posting this work entitled La persévérance by Gilbert Garcin. This could have been indeed a great illustration for the Funambulist !

reinopin: Wedlock, 2009, Edition of 12 © Gilbert Garcin

Wedlock, Edition of 12 © Gilbert Garcin

© Gilbert Garcin

“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a misery to experience each day deeper and deeper till our breathes split the echo less silence of this derisory equation “ ©Gisèle-Luce de.