things to do when you are sad... My 2 favorites: think about how beautiful outer space is and remember there are always cupcakes... too funny!

things to do when you are sad- The anime and pokemon stuff is stupid and doesn't apply, but the Bob Dylan and cupcake ones are pretty spot on

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Stop asking yourself what if you can't do it, and instead as yourself what if you can? What if you can write a bestselling novel? What if you can accomplish your dream to be a published writer? If you're willing to work for it, you can.

La vérité, Boris Cyrulnik

La vérité, Boris Cyrulnik [The truth To find happiness, you have to risk misfortune. If you want to be happy, we must not seek to flee misfortune at all costs. We should rather investigate how - and thanks to that - we can overcome it.

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I feel that all life depends on me this precise moment . I think the opposite. We have a whole life to succeed