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an abstract painting of a wave crashing into the ocean with sunset in the back ground
Wave of Light by Suzanne King
"Wave of Light" original painting!
a painting of a woman with birds around her neck and hands on her chins
Watercolor portrait by Lioba Brückner
a painting of a dragon on a pole with watercolor splatters all over it
Dragonfly • watercolor with gouache painting • A4 • art print by Tilen Ti
"Dragonfly" painting by Tilen TiWatercolour with gouacheThis reproduction is printed on 200 g/m fine art paperA4 • 210 x 297 mm • 8.3 x 11.7 inches [i
a colorful butterfly flying through the air with lots of paint splatters on it's wings
dragonfly watercolor painting
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an abstract painting with water lillies and green leaves
"Morning Light" 50 x 50cm (695€ incl. shipping worldwide) Acrylics, watercolours, pastels and gold leaf on canvas ✨ I just took the photo of this piece outside my new studio with the sun just starting to hit the hills on the opposite side of the valley. The morning light highlighted the gold leaf beautifully! ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . #morninglight #goldleaf #mixedmediaart #artecontemporanea #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #waterlilies #waterlilypond #wate
an abstract painting with blue and white colors
Bold Breaking Waves by Maggi Hambling
a painting of a bird with colorful paint splatters on it's wings
De 2 à 28 ans, voici en 26 dessins comment naît, grandit et évolue un artiste : excellent !
De 2 à 28 ans, voici en 26 dessins comment naît, grandit et évolue un artiste…
an image of the earth surrounded by plants and flowers with a person standing in front of it
Alors porter haut et fort Ce qui t'habite
chou-genou-caillou: Alors porter haut et fort Ce qui t'habite
an abstract painting with blue, purple and yellow colors on it's surface is shown
Une artiste superpose de la résine et de l’acrylique pour créer un dessus de table psychédélique
Pour sa dernière œuvre, Nguyen a créé un dessus de table psychédélique. L'utilisation d'un tableau captivant de riches violets opalescents, bleus
a painting of a bird with blue and yellow feathers on it's back side
GUEST ARTIST: "Life Changing Art" by Jean Haines - Doodlewash®
#WorldWatercolorGroup - Watercolor by Jean Haines - Doodlewash Feature #watercolorarts
a woman's face is surrounded by branches
A Love of Painting
The Ex Expat: A Love of Painting
an abstract painting of two women in red and yellow dresses, one holding the other's hand
peintres anna razumovskaya
Images of anna razumovskaya art | ANNA RAZUMOVSKAYA