Vilsbøl De Arce AW/09 | Model: Olivia A | Photographer: Nikolaj Møller, NAHM

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The images are borrowed from Uldfestivalens website

couture knitwear felted high cowl neck jumper in en trend textural style for 2015 lagenlook chic

Sculptural 3D fashion with voluminous form & experimental structure; wearable art // Oihana Garaluce

Spanish designer, Oihana Garaluce "Decades" Collection showcasing the forties, sixties, eighties and

Sculptural Fashion - oversized knitted skirt & top with chunky textures - wearable art; 3D knitwear design // Jacqueline Fink

Little Dandelion Extreme Knitwear couture knit wear two piece maxi skirt and jumper how to rock chunky wool

Sidney returned from vacation with a loathsome tropical parasite. Dorthe Merete Lykke Jensen

couture knitwear felted high cowl neck jumper in en trend textural style for 2015 lagenlook chic

INLAID SKIN :  ANDREEA MANDRESCU. Les pièces incrustées, peuvent en raison de leur flexibilité et leur facilité de manipulation,  être fixés et enroulés autour du corps. La couleur et la qualité translucide du matériau utilisé peut donner l'illusion d'une peau «incrusté» vu que la surface de l'accessoire devient presque une avec la peau.

Inlaid Skin : Andreea Mandrescu~The colour and the translucent quality of the material used can give the illusion of an ‘inlaid’ skin as the surface of the accessory appears to be a three dimensional extension of the skin.

Sculptural Knitwear with patterned textures and three-dimensional braided construction // Motohiro Tanji

DENADA - Motohiro Tanji is a Japanese artist who explores art and fashion through complex yet refined knit garments. His handmade garments range from large and voluminous knits to fine and detailed textured pieces.

Texture : Skin / Peau, by / selon Stephanie Voegele

second skin // “[Skin] lacks definite boundaries, flowing continuously from the exposed surfaces of the body to its internal cavities.” ~ Ellen Lupton by sthepanie voegele pealling - pearl adornment: silicone rubber and pigment.

Dans l'ère de la laine…Emilie Zanon #matière #textile #wool

emilie zanon~ I never know whether to put these in "knitting" or "fibre art"!

When Giles Deacon first created his giant knits collection I suddenly felt him speak to me. Fantasy met reality and the marvel of knitwear was born.

Barnacle Knitwear - Martello’s Marine-Inspired Sculptural Collection (GALLERY)

Barnacle Knitwear

Nanna van Blaaderen has created these oversized, sculptural chunky knits which make the models look as small as Barbie Dolls! Via: Nanna van Blaaderen