Audrey Ligavant

Audrey Ligavant

Audrey Ligavant
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Paper flowers and branches on a canvas.

I did mine on one canvas painted purple with black distress marks, gold branch twigs and two toned paper flowers made with black construction paper and book pages. - -Paper flowers and branches on a canvas - amazingly beautiful idea

Autumn Decor/Craft ~ I Just sandwiched the leaves between sheets of clear contac paper that I had cut into circles; then, laced them into the metal ring with narrow orange satin ribbon, thru holes I had punched !

Autumn Leaf Sun-Catcher - Cut contact paper into circles, sandwich the leaves between, and then punch holes around the edge. Laced orange satin ribbon through the holes, attaching the contact paper to a metal ring. Hang and enjoy!

Nature mandala

Light-box mandalas - provide a sheet of paper marked with a series of concentric rings on top of a light table. Then, add some interesting smallish items in large numbers (",) - art, patterning