Bijoux de sac Liberty

Tassels and charms - so cute. You could sell these from home, website, FB, etc. My pins keep leading me to so many great items.

Angora baby booties with Liberty fabric bowtie.

Angora baby booties with Liberty fabric bowtie. Even though I hate booties (the darn things always get lost) I think these are the cutest things ever.

Des petites trousses Liberty avec pompons

Lovely little zip bags

liberty print tape

liberty print tape: This would be easy enough to make printing Liberty print you like, edit in Paint or word, and then use double sided tape

Floral Washi Tape

This is the exact washi tape I saw at the Nordstrom French pop-up-shop. But, I like the one I posted below better (its pattern).

Mini Liberty Print Pillows

Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, our new children’s collection will extend inspired design beyond grown up interiors into family living spaces, playrooms and kids’ bedrooms to achieve seamless style throughout your home.