Pause !

disney movies

You mean always pause Disney movies to laugh yourself silly? What do you mean that ruined your childhood?

c'est ça !

The magic of coffee…

Owl before and after the morning coffee. Maybe I need to start drinking coffee!

" Dans ton c** "

Bébé Fait une Blague à Papa

You get to make this mistake once kid! Camaro v. Mustang, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, The Rock, Baby, Funny

To jog

LOL so funny and would be more true if I ran -- besides I have a sister named Daisy who is a bassett hound lolhilarious funny humor lexhaha joking lmfao epichumors haha crazy wacky funnypictures laugh lmao joke jokes silly laughing fun epic photooftheday

Expensive things

Pretty much

L'efficacité des différents moyens de contraception

Levels of protection…

Birth Control: a beginner's guide. Leather elbow patches, a mobile phone belt pouch and socks with sandals can result in contraceptive effectiveness. I I birth Control sandals pill condom

citations et humour

citations et humour

Le silence est d'or sauf quand on a des enfants, le silence est suspect

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© Nathalie Jomard -