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an old handwritten letter with a man's face
Jean Genet Poème Autographe
Poème de jeunesse et de prison, rattaché à la composition de son roman Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs (1943). #jeangenet https://lepassepresent.com/_autographes/jean-genet-poeme-autographe-notre-dame-des-fleurs/
a wooden sign that says words of wispom with flowers and butterflies on it
Sign in
Éphécalarophilie : Collection de Calendrier
an old envelope with writing on it
Louis XVI , Février 1792 , signature autographe , sa signature est comme une épee pour se protéger de l'Assemblée Legislative qui rogne son pouvoir. En dessous se trouve la signature de son vérificateur.
an open book with drawings and writing on the pages, including two men in boats
A Real Picasso Sketchbook
Picasso's sketchbook
an old letter with writing on it and a wax seal in the middle of it
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Maréchal d'Empire NEY Autographe
an illustration of people walking down the street with hats on and tails in their hair
PARIS à travers les siècles / PARIS through the centuries | Paris Autograph
Crieurs de Vin sous Louis XIII
an old painting with people walking around it
PARIS à travers les siècles / PARIS through the centuries | Paris Autograph
Une Rue de Paris au Moyen-Age
an old document and some other items on a table
Phaléristique Médaille de Sainte Helene Diplome , Boite Décret Impérial 12 Aout 1857
an old box with some pictures on it and other items in the case next to it
Puzzle Bois Années 1900 - Marché Dauphine - Carré des Libraires - Marché aux Puces Saint Ouen
three different types of metal pens with pictures on the top one is silver and the other two are gold
Calamophilie , Collection de Porte-Plumes. et d’encriers, de stylos, de pinceaux, de taille-plumes, etc.
many different pictures of christmas decorations and glass dishes on the kitchen counter, including wine bottles
Campanophile.... - La Maison de Lucie en Baie
Campanophilie.... la Collection des Cloches
a plaque with an image of a woman's face and words written in french
La devise républicaine autographes lepassepresent
la-devise-rpublicaine-autographes-lepassepresent-14220653 by Passé-Présent via Slideshare
the cover of la passion des sables
a brown teddy bear sitting on top of a wooden table next to a christmas ornament
a golden buddha statue sitting on top of a table next to a piece of paper
Collections d'Autographes
Les publiphilistes. Les collectionneurs d'objets publicitaires Vintage, Fashion, Photography, French Magazine, French Brands, Upskirt, Strapless, Photo, Man
La lingerie: Scandale
Les publiphilistes. Les collectionneurs d'objets publicitaires
several different colored matchesticks with images of people on them and the words daddy, just dance
La glycophilie , collectionner les emballages de sucre pleins
Bicariophilie , les collectionneurs de pichets.
an old handwritten letter with writing on it
Signing of Berthier , Marshall of Napoleon
an old postcard with children playing in front of a castle and other things on it
Collections de Chromos
an advertisement for a pair of keychains with the words parimatic on it
Bienvenue sur le site porte-clés passion, site destiné a presenter ma collection de porte-clés (porte-clefs) publicitaires anciens
Porte-Cles Copocléphilie
an old fashioned advertising sign on display in a shop window, with the words bourbon and kubuk above it
Collections Boites en Fer Boxoferrophilie
a feather quill and ink pen sitting on top of a piece of paper
Collection Lettres Anciennes et Autographes
an old stamp with the words metropolian in black and red ink on it
Petite histoire du ticket de métro parisien ...
Collection Tickets de Métro
a bottle of champagne and some buttons on a black background with the words la vie d'ambassa written in spanish
capsules de champagne-plaques de muselets-Le monde de la Placomusophilie-placomusophilie
a bottle of champagne with a woman in a hat holding a wine glass and looking at it
vinetiquettes.com ou la collection d'�tiquettes de vin
Etiquettes de Vin - Oenographilie
Les boites de Camenbert
an old certificate with blue trimming
Collection des anciennes actions de bourse