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an old white car with a basket and bottles on it's back window, parked in front of a building
L'échappée belle
L'échappée belle
an old white car parked in front of a tall building with airplanes flying over it
peaceful eyes
Classic #Fiat in its own habitat. #Italy #Adorable
an old pink car parked in a parking lot next to some bushes and palm trees
Car Crush: The Fiat Jolly
Car Crush: The Fiat Jolly - Katie Considers
an old blue and green car parked in a parking lot
No Reseve: All Original 1956 Fiat Multipla 600
This 1956 Fiat Multipla 600 (chassis 100108015519) is claimed to be totally original and unrestored, and must be one of the best in North America to fit that bill. According to the seller, it spent 40 years with the original owner, and was just recently purchased from its second owner. Though not to
a silver sports car is shown in this black and white photo
1996 Fiat Bravo Windsurf (Giannini) - Студии
1996 Fiat Bravo Windsurf (Giannini)
an electric car is shown in this advertisement
1993 Fiat Downtown - Concepts
Fiat Downtown, concept, 1993
a white and red sports car on display in a museum
Fiat Turbina was a 1954 model of car produced by Italian manufacturer Fiat.
a green and black car is parked on the street
Fiat Concept Car II ganha prêmio IDEA Brasil de design
Fiat Concept Car
two cars covered in grass with flowers on the front and side, parked next to each other
Fiat 500 - Daisy - Marc Jacobs
an old pink car with a trailer attached to it's side in a parking lot
5° Raduno 500 a Molare (AL)
Rose 500 et camping-car
two cars are parked in the woods next to each other, one is purple and the other is silver
Fiat Panda 1.2 69 ch Lounge (2012) - FIAT
Fiat Panda 1.2 69 ch Lounge (2012) -
a silver car parked in a white room next to a black and white wall on the floor
FIAT Coupe Prototypes - Энциклопедия концептуальных автомобилей
FIAT Coupe Prototypes