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Balayage is the best way to give some natural highlights for your hair or you can totally change up your hairstyle with a vibrant balayage coloring.

L'astuce pour supprimer odeur urine dans les toilettes

Easy DIY tip for ridding your bathroom of the dreaded 'boy bathroom smell'. Lemon juice and baking soda paste with white vinegar

En plus d'être décoratifs, ils parfumeront naturellement votre maison

I’ve done a few posts on natural ways to eliminate odors, but these DIY gel air fresheners just might be my favorite! They’re easy to make, you can customize them with any scent you prefer, and they’r

faire des trucs séchés en forme

How to Make Orange Peel Garland - easy tutorial on how to make Christmas decorations by reusing something you ordinarily throw away - via Totally By Design

zeste d'orange un tutoriel de augmenté

Flores Más [ "Weihnachtsduft liegt in der Luft und ist auch noch herrlich anzuschau´n", "How To Make A Rose From Orange Peel – DIY Orange Rose. *****could use as potpourri", "Awesome idea for orange peels who doesn