Sweet homes

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three small houses made out of felt sitting next to each other
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sweater art love
two small houses made out of fabric sitting on a pink cloth covered tablecloth next to each other
towers in the village
a group of decorative houses sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a door
three white houses sitting next to each other on a table
miniature houses
April and May: miniature houses
small wooden houses are arranged on a white surface
April & May hearts
April and May: April & May hearts
a wooden cutout of houses and trees in the shape of a circle on a white surface
miniature houses
April and May: miniature houses
three small houses are in the snow next to a christmas tree
Free Pattern Friday! Crafty Christmas Cottage
a row of painted houses sitting on top of a white table next to a vase
three different houses made out of paper sitting on a table
http://www.lemeilleurdudiy.com/diy-petites-maisons-decorees-avec-du-tissu/ http://thecartbeforethehorse.blogspot.fr/2009/11/little-houses-for-you-and-me.html
a birdhouse with a purple hat and feather
a small house keychain with a purple ribbon around it's neck and two flowers on the front
a small purse with a star hanging from it's side