Five Plus - Et pourquoi pas Coline ?

Five Plus

The creator of these logos has used a unique approach to typography. By playing with and arranging letters, very creative logos were formed. These simple, yet interesting logos are an example of the power that typography can have in design.

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Layered paper cut illustrations of a pepper, red onion and avocado by Polly Lindsay, via Alliteration Inspiration: Veggies & Vacation / on Design Work Life

Ce que réalise Eiko Ojala avec du papier découpé est stupéfiant | Design Spartan : Art digital, digital painting, webdesign, illustration et inspiration…

New-York-Times-Goodnight-Sleep-Clean Digital Papercut Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Snowy fir tree, papercut (based on the free printable coloring image Snow Covered Evergreens Reversed from )

Lisa rodden...

Sydney paper artist Lisa Rodden creates intricate forms by delicately cutting art cart that is gently curled to reveal a bold coloration of acrylic paint, each work enhanced by subtle shadows from the relief.