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an abstract sculpture made out of metal and glass circles on a white background with the word love spelled below it
New Photo diaporama ! Please watch in HD ! All photos (c) Axelle Emden Soundrack : "Fool" by Cat Power, from the album "You are Free"
black and white photograph of tree in foggy area with text overlaying it
alt-J - Matilda
My latest video is on Genero for a contest ! You can support it by voting through FB, Twitter or by repinning it ! Please don't vote if you don't like it ! ;) Watch: alt-J - Matilda on
a black and white photo of a pen on a table with light coming through it
Après moi, Peter Gabriel (720p)
Song by Peter Gabriel from the album "Scratch my back", originally by Regina Spektor. <3
black and white photograph of woman walking down stairs
Stella's impro on Tiersen's Rupture
Film & edit : Axelle Emden Dancer & choregrapher : Stella F. Music : Yann Tiersen & Claire Pichet