f Rogue Thief Pirate The Black Buccaneer - a self appointed name to this villainess; though whether she chose it because 'black' was the colour of her deeds or her skin, none can say.

architecture japonaise intéressante

L' architecture japonaise en 74 photos magnifiques

I don't know what "Legend of the Cryptids" is but now I have to find out…

Artist: Unknown name aka Ashram - Title: Legend of the Cryptids Pirate 2 - Card: Lawless Commodore Drake (Seadragon)

Les fabuleuses peintures digitales de Young-june Choi

Les fabuleuses peintures digitales de Young-june Choi

ArtStation - Legend of the cryptids 2, 희정 성

Artist: Unknown name aka shjbanana - Title: Unknown (detail) - Card: Vengeful Captain Hook (Prosthesis)

Assassin's Creed: Revelations art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Edward Thatch - Wiki Assassin's Creed - Wikia

Edward Thatch

m Rogue Assassin Pirate Leather hat Pistols docks ship coastal jungle desert island Edward Thatch - Assassin's Creed Wiki

eve ventrue

Wild Sea Pirate by Eve Ventrue. ArtStation Character artwork for Bigpoint and their Online Game "Seafight"