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Blake and Sun steak-out for the Red Fang." (Adding My Own Comment) I really wish the anime looked like this it looks nice

Rwby team SSSN: Sun, Sage, Scarlet, and Neptune

abs blonde hair blue hair claymore (sword) commentary request cutlass (sword) goggles goggles on head green hair hands on hips iesupa jacket over shoulder jewelry monkey tail multiple boys necklace necktie neptune vasilias one eye covered open clothe

Miguel Crossing — “I guess it’s been so busy lately that the...

miguelcrossing: “ “I guess it’s been so busy lately that the exhaustion is starting to catch up with me, huh? Even Mabel isn’t her energetic self these days… Honestly, we have enough in common as it is… But it’s times like these when you really have.

Even though they do a good job setting the scene with what little voice acting and animations there is.