Arthur Baker

Arthur Baker

Arthur Baker
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Interesting idea -LifeMap This is a visualization of my life between ages 6 and It was created as an assignment for an Information Design course at Parsons taught by Dmitry Krasny.

9 Unique And Extremely Interesting Styled Infographics | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content

Beautiful infographic that speaks to ongoing, fundamental shifts in the world economy from Western dominance to a more diverse composition that’s increasingly influenced by Asian mega-cities.

Katie Lewis has devised an elaborate method of recording data about herself, be it sensations felt by various body parts or other other aspects of life’s minutiae plotted over time using little more than pins, thread and pencil marked dates.

201 Days is the documentation of physical sensations felt by the creator Katie Lewis. Using simple tools like pins, thread and a pencil she mapped her sentiments on a invisible grid. Each section of the grid on the wall is correlated with a different part