2 ingredients and your pores will look like magic - worth a try

DIY pore strips solution: Serious peel off mask. somewhat painful but works great. Removes black heads and dead skin leaving skin looking great and soft as can be!

A list of drugstore make-ups that are duplicates of department store brands

Makeup Dupes

(L)Revlon Pink Pout and (R)MAC Snob Makeup Lovers Unite: Drugstore Duplicates Compared to High End Department Store Products!

7 foundation mistakes. Well... I learned something.

7 Foundation Mistakes You're Probably Making

Beauty Tips: Makeup Tips: Foundation Tips: How To Apply Foundation, Picking and Applying Foundation Beauty Tutorial

"water marbling" how-to ... without the mess or the water. so much cooler.

Green Marble Nail Effect HOW TO: Paint a Regular Coat of Dark Polish on Nail. While Wet Put a Few Small Dots of Lighter Polish on Nail. Swirl Together Using a Fine Brush, Toothpick or Needle.

off with your [black]heads

Homemade Pore Strips!

Homemade peel off pore cleaner all you need is: a makeup brush, a foundation one works good 1 tsp gelatin 1 tsp milk and a small microwaveable dish gonna have to try

Christmas tree nails!- i like this site, most of the designs seem manageable/easy

Nailside: Tutorial: Tape Christmas tree design: Going to make a Christmas mani of my own from this inspiration


I am showcasing easy & simple snowflake nail art designs and ideas of Make snowflakes in white and silver color on your nails to give a winter touch

Rhinestone nail that paved the

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Micro pixie rhinestone New Crystal Nail Nail Rhinestones Decoration DIY nail art about

Snowflake nail art

Love the angled bob short hair

I love snowflakes DIY Snow Flake Nails nails diy craft nail art nail trends diy nails diy nail art easy craft diy nail tutorial easy craft ideas


How to: Half Moon Nails.A great site with lots of tips for nails, hair, makeup, and all sorts of products. Love all the nail ideas.

super easy flower nail art!

Make a Nail Art Flower

How to Make a Nail Art Flower. While you can't go wrong with a French manicure or some solid-colored talons, try taking your manicure to the next level by.

Lengthen Nails with a Wheat Stamp

How to Get the Best Fall Nail Trends at Home for Pennies

Flawless Face Routine (How to Hide Imperfections)

Flawless Face Routine (How to Hide Imperfections) freckles/ pores/ redness/ pimples

27 nail polish tricks. Some good stuff I didn't know about

27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure

27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure If you do your nails at home, here’s every tip you could possibly need to ensure a salon-quality manicure. Fix a smudge by licking it.