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a small white box with a bow on it sitting next to some pink and white balls
Contenant dragées communion en carton et croix
a bag filled with white eggs sitting on top of a table
SANTEX 2462-98, Sachet de 10 bourses organdi unis, Taupe
three white eggs sitting on top of a table next to a cloth bag and two tags
Sachet dragées baptême
a small bag with a label on it that says julle et mathis
Pochons en Lin Uni pour Dragées x12
small jars filled with cookies and candies on top of a white table covered in crystal beads
#Pawned By Jaring
a white box filled with candles on top of a lace doily next to a teddy bear
Dragées Communion
two hands are wrapping presents on a table
Les cadeaux aux invités du mariage | Idées mariage