site avec plein d'exemples de techniques céramique scratching-through-underglaze

sgraffito scratching-through-underglaze --- ideas for finishing clay organized by stages of drying

Image of Speckle beaker

Image of Speckle beaker cups

Ceramic Salt And Pepper Pot

Ceramic Salt And Pepper Pot

Little Brick House Clayworks: New. Black clay Salt & Pepper Pot Or., you could make it a bit bigger and it could be a balsamic and oil pot!

just keep swimming

My body tattoo swimming girl

Warsaw, Poland based artist Marta Turowska is the designer behind all the goodies at Clay Opera . She handmakes quirky, whimsical ce...

Clay Opera Ceramics Owl rest spoon - spoon rests from clay - I LOVE these!

these are cool too. handmade feeling is good. definitely monochromatic.

Would make a nice dish set

2. Transferring the Image. Now that you have your image transferred onto plastic you can now endeavor to get it onto the clay surface. I like to work with a ceramic surface that is a little beyond leather hard; in fact, I like to call it cheddar "cheese hard". It is somewhere between too late to add a handle, but not too late to make a mark on it with your finger nail. Capisce? Now take a dampened, not drenched, sponge and give the area a quick swipe to create a slightly tacky surface for…

Transferring the Image. Now that you have your image transferred onto plastic you can now endeavor to get it onto the clay surface.

#Vajilla de #cerámica para tener una #cocina duradera. #menajedecocina

Lindsay Emery - the artist, designer and ceramicist at the helm of Suite One Studio - crafts colorful, small-batch tableware by hand in North Carolina.

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~~ You could not plate spaghetti with marinara on such a beautiful plate.

High School Clay Loom Weaving | 5th grade ceramic/weaving

GRADE: Ceramic slab w/texture + weaving

We Are Studio Studio Dalmatiner Cup

Stoneware Cupwheel thrown and hand-painted.cream clayinside: pink Outside: white with single black spotIt measures cm tall and Ø cm at widest point.Dishwasher safe though.

Ce mignon petit bol est formée par mes soins à partir d’argile blanche en terre cuite, décoré avec des lignes fines en noir peint à la main, l’intérieur est fini en un émail craquelé bleu glorieux. Utiliser ce bol dans la cuisine, comme un porte-bijoux ou comme un objet de décoration.  Toutes mes pièces sont unique en son genre, vous pouvez trouver les légères imperfections dans la forme de bols et les marques laissées par le processus de la main. Cest ce qui font de la pièce unique, donne…

Turquoise Decorativ Ceramic Bowl - Handmade Bowl - Pottery Bowl - Jewellery Holder

Tazón de cerámica decorativ cerámica Bowl por monalisapottery More More

Tri Lukne ceramic bowl and spoon. stoneware gives the pieces strength and a sense of grounding, while the thin pinched dishes raises sensitivity

Wabi-Sabi by trilukne,

Mobile en céramique / Ceramic mobile

Happy world

"Happy world" by Kat's Création - lovely, whimsical decoration for your home, made from porcelain.

Utuwa Wagokoro

Japanese ceramics designed by Rena Uda