Friday Favorites

"pink and twilight colored petals take their downward lackadaisical flight, as I sit on a park bench day dreaming about the light of my life. Can you calculate the height of the tree using that bench?

Mine are in my back yard, here in Scottsdale, but aren't they beautiful! JACARANDA Located In our FRONT yard. Blooms in the Spring (March- ?) The most beautiful mess in the world is when the Jacaranda purple petals fall.

I want to go to there...

Pink and Blue - the perfect sky and still water for a pastel inspiration

Cherry Blossom Tree

Beautiful cherry blossom tree in bloom

color palettes

GOLD is making a comeback! Using gold accent. I really like the way gold is incorporated into each of these color combinations. gives each a totally different feel!


Best Decor Hacks : Description neon decorations… these would look soooooo gute in the girls room (leopard print and zebra print… with pink and purple solid color accents)

Pastels, I love you.

8 Primer Tricks You've Never Heard Before

Primers- TRY A TINTED FORMULA If your skin is—and there's no pretty word for it—dull, light pink primers, Brightening Face Primer & can add a glow. Lilac shades brighten sallow skin, and green formulas Correcting Primer neutralise redness


PANTONE shades of green, shades of blue teal

love print studio blog: Top posts of 2014!

Well, I've had enough of the rain and stormy weather here in the midlands so I'm going head on into spring with this colour crush post toda.


Emily Blincoe / "here are all of my minty green things" / colors organized neatly may 2013


Colors Organized Neatly - Red by Emily Blincoe.

Sugar Series – Les bonbons classés par couleur

Sugar Series – Les bonbons classés par couleur

Are you both hyper-organized and the victim of a powerful sweet tooth? Then photographer Emily Blincoe’s “Sugar Series” is perfect for you…

Summer of Neon: Pink

Summer of Neon: Pink

Summer of Neon - Yellow

Poppytalk - The beautiful, the decayed and the handmade: Inspiration: Neon Summer

Palette de Milkshakes / Pantone Milshakes

Palette de Milkshakes / Pantone Milshakes w