un joli et confortable meuble a chaussure sous escalier

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Kessel-Lo House / NU Architectuuratelier

Exposition RODIN, l'exposition du Centenaire 13 Mars 2017 - 24 Juillet 2017 Grand Palais Auguste Rodin. Le Baiser, vers 1882. Musée Rodin, Paris, © DR

Rodin’s famous statue The Kiss was originally titled Francesca da Rimini and depicts the thirteenth-century woman in Dante’s Inferno who falls in love with her husband’s younger brother Paolo.

'Cathedral', Rodin (1908?) [Gwen John's hands?]

Rodin's "Cathedral": when two hands in love leave sacred space, God will make that space His home. Look at the glow! My favorite sculpture at the Musee Rodin.

La Cathédrale - Rodin La Cathédrale - Rodin

My son gleefully squeezed harder at the knotted muscle in my shoulder, with a ‘Now I’ve got you’ as I groaned in agony. We have established and agreed that he has a slightly sadistic tendency where…