mobile coeur

Very sweet fabric heart mobile. atelier scämmit: cute shabby chic valentines day wall hanging to make


A DIY baby mobile that could be made from some quilt batting (for the cloud) and colored paper or felt (for the raindrops). This Mobil could decorate the area over a changing table (a conversation starter for teacher and baby (Early Ed.

how to stamp on fabric

Potato stamp: Place the cookie cutter on a table, cutting side up. Center the potato over the cutter and press the cutter at about inch into the potato. Cut the excess potato flesh with a kitchen knife away from the cookie cutter & pull cookie cutter out.

star printed textiles

On a wall in my "future" room it would be cool just to hang black fabric with gold stars painted in it.(make gold star decals for James' room maybe?

cocotte pour un mariage

cocotte pour un mariage


to do with three owls. Place on an awesome scrapbook paper for the background.


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How I love this aqua child's desk and grey chair with white star and grey and white wall.


Tourne tourne petit moulin - LA MAISON DOUCE