Citronnade à la pêche

Citronnade à la pêche (une pêchonnade ?)

A very pretty, yummy-sounding sparkling Peach Lemonade: "For 2 to 3 glasses= 3 peaches (flat white peaches here) juice of 2 lemons agave syrup (to be determined according to your taste) cl water or sparkling" Recipe translated from a French web page.

Gorgeous color palette

landscape pink colors nature Peach mint color palette seafoam soft white I love love love this one!

un petit air de campagne

image by Millie Clinton

Sorbet à la fraise - recette facile

Sorbet à la fraise - recette facile

Watermelon ice cream and coral nails

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En un mot la vie d'Apollon!


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Lake Louise - Banff National Park ~ Alberta, Canada by kevin mcneal. I'd love to go to a lake where you can see the snowy mountains in the distance.