French Life

Scenes from everyday life in France.
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a book cover for a french escape by barry a whitigham, with a boat in the background
A French Escape
two speech bubbles with the word vorn written on them
Tu or Vous? Which one should it be?
a large metal pipe sculpture sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to a building
Pipes and Diamonds
A tribute to Saint-Claude's pipe-making and diamond-cutting past.
two men shaking hands in front of other people
All about shaking hands with the French.
an older man and woman kissing each other
All you should know about cheek-kissing in France.
several people are standing in the dirt with one person holding a frisbee while others watch
You can't get much more French than this! A competition of pétanque in a small village near Saint-Claude
a group of people sitting on the grass next to tables full of clothing and other items
This vide-grenier in Saint-Lupicin was organized by the local sapeurs-pompiers - the firemen.