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men in hardhats and safety jackets with the words les constructeururs de l'impossibite
Délire des Youtubeurs du Woop pour recruter dans les TP
Délire des Youtubeurs du Woop pour recruter dans les TP
an image of a door handle that says challenged accepted
la serrure est posée, pas besoin de clef...
two balconies on the side of a building
Jolie terrasse.
an open cabinet in the middle of a kitchen counter top with magazines and papers inside
People who had one job...but failed miserably at it
La pose de la cuisine est finie.
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a door
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
La cloison est posée !
there is a white stair rail on the wall next to the carpeted stairs in this house
Une main vraiment courante !
a bench sitting on top of a wooden walkway next to the ocean
joli boulot ;)
a red brick building with two windows and the words out with the old in with the new
Pile Of Photos
Jolies menusieries à l'ancienne.
a man wearing a red hard hat with the words safety, mom written on it
What would OSHA say?
Casque de chantier