"Petit théâtre d'ombres", lampe d'ambiance grise et blanche en bois fabriquée artisanalement. Dimensions 50*40*15 cm. Eclairage Led. Disponible sur la boutique de Céline Calmettes Créations chez "Small shadow theater", swig of wooden grey and white atmosphere made by craftsmen. Dimensions 50*40*15 cms. Lighting Led. Available on Céline Calmettes Créations's shop to

Open this page to see incredibly innovative ideas. Made with wood, perhaps could be adapted to use matting or tagboard?

Spooning is such a wonderful experience to feel ¤♡♡¤

Whimsical and cute mouse - Sleeping Married Sweet Tiny Mice unique needle by feltingdreams

découpe de papier - Mahaut Lemoine (France) *next years christmas cards!

découpe de papier - Mahaut Lemoine (France) I like this because it is made out of paper but it looks really affective