TESTE ET APPROUVE : Bouchées de concombre au fromage frais aux herbes et tomate cerise

Cucumber Bites with Herb Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes - Perfect dish for a catering appetizer or side dish, Great for a pass a plate PotLuck event or any big family gathering. I'm going to try this recipe using greek yogurt instead of cream cheese

Brochette tomate cerise, tranche de salami, mozarella assaisonée avec une vinaigrette au basilique. Miam !

Pepperoni Caprese Bites with Basil Viniagrette: Pepperoni, caprese cherry tomato, mini mozzarella ball, basil viniagrette. Variation: use an extra mozzarella ball instead of the pepperoni.

Winter Miracle tea - will help with sore throat and cough. keep a jar in the fridge all winter long!

Winter Miracle Tea: Keep a jar handy in the fridge all winter long for sore throat and cough relief! (Pour honey over lemon pieces & ginger slices; let sit in fridge ovetnight. Take in hot watet & drink before bed.

Idées de présentation de plats

Fruit skewers for a party Cut top off of pineapple to stabilize the skewers while traveling to party,another cute idea for fruit tray

Smoked salmon cream cheese spread rolled up in thinly sliced cucumber. An easy yet elegant appetizer.

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls - Smoked salmon cream cheese spread rolled up in thinly sliced cucumber. An easy yet elegant appetizer.

Toast à l'avocat originale !! N'est-ce pas ?

Caprese Avocado Toast Recipe on twopeasandtheirpo. The BEST avocado toast and perfect appetizer for the holidays!

Bouchée de courgette façon pizza

Zucchini Pizza Bites These are soooooo yummy! I've also made with eggplant which are also yummy and a little bigger of a "bite" I prefer the flavor of the zucchini myself. sub for vegan cheese

Омар Хрущевское тесто лучше держит форму, чем обычное дрожжевое  Мука  500 гр масло слив  50 гр яйцо  1 шт дрожжи  5 гр сгущ молоко  50 гр  Смешать все ингредиенты, добавить 220 гр. теплой воды, замесить тесто и вымешивать тесто долго и тщательно Затем оставить тесто подходить на 30-40 мин в теплом месте прикрыв пищевой пленкой чашку или полотенцем  Вымешиваем тесто еще раз и приступаем к лепке основы (скелета) омара, вот в нее можно положить что-нибудь мак, изюм:

I don't eat actual lobster (they're one of my favorite animals, I prefer them alive and free), but these would be so much fun to make!