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The 28 Funniest Cat Snapchats of All Time

If there’s one thing that we know about cats it’s that they’re hilarious on Snapchat. Their mysterious ways, unpredictable attitudes and ability to express exactly how they’re feeling make for...

Funny pictures about Must-see Historical Photos That Make You Stop And Think. Oh, and cool pics about Must-see Historical Photos That Make You Stop And Think. Also, Must-see Historical Photos That Make You Stop And Think. Old Pictures, Old Photos, Amazing Pictures, Rare Photos, Iconic Photos, Bizarre Photos, Epic Photos, Senior Pictures, Photos Rares

Les 20 photos immanquables qui racontent le siècle dernier

Les périodes importantes de l’histoire ont fait l'objet de nombreux reportages, vidéos, galeries photos ... Pour une fois, plutôt que de s'intéresser à une période ou à un évènement particulier, le DGS a collecté pour vous une série de clichés montrant les dessous des moments clés du passé. ... des images que vous ne connaissez…

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33 vieilles photos terrifiantes pratiquement inexplicables

Ces vieilles photos terrifiantes vous donneront assurément la chair de poule. 1. Des mannequins fondus et endommagés après un incendie au musée de cire de Madame Tussaud à Londres. 2. Des patrons du Hell's Café à Paris, qui a fermé ses portes au milieu du 20e siècle. 3. Des

"The Last Kiss" WWII. This picture shows so much emotion. I know how the last kiss feels before I deployment to a combat zone. Thankfully I never experienced a "last" kiss.

40 fotos chocantes e hilárias do passado

Estes fotógrafos provavelmente nem sonhavam com o significado que suas imagens teriam no futuro. Hoje, elas nos dão um olhar raro e fascinante sobre como a vida costumava ser e o quanto ela mudou

“Pit ponies of the coal mines are easily the most controversial working horses in history. Here a mining horse poses with his coworkers. In the mechanization eliminated pit ponies altogether.” ~the horse: "ya, im a pit pony. whatcha gonna do? Vintage Pictures, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Iconic Photos, Zebras, Foto Poster, Coal Mining, Draft Horses, Interesting History


Cheval de fond

A woman watches as robed Ku Klux Klansmen walk in downtown Montgomery, Alabama prior to a cross burning rally that night, November Circulars advertising Klan meeting said, "We believe in. Gordon Parks, Angela Davis, By Any Means Necessary, Black History Facts, Civil Rights Movement, African American History, American Women, Native American, Black People
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Illustrations of the American South

Here you will find illustrations of the American South Source: Various places on the WWW. Stubborn Segregationists Passengers remain segregated on an Atlanta, Georgia, bus despite the 1956 Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation on all public buses. Georgia state officials maintained that Georgia's segregation laws would not immediately be affected King Cotton in Peril Rates of migration were accelerated by economic conditions. Because of increased world production and the onset of an…

Biblical references cited in Psalm Acts Matthew Mark Luke 1 Corinthians & Hebrews state "The LORD said unto my Lord, "Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool"" .so, here, whom is deemed the enemy?

Biblical references cited in Psalm (110:1); Acts (2:34); Matthew (22:44); Mark (12:36); Luke (20:43); 1 Corinthians (15:25) & Hebrews (1:13) state "The LORD said unto my Lord, "Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool"", here, whom is deemed the enemy?

“kwamejaw: “kemetic-dreams: ““The 1911 lynching of the African American woman Laura Nelson, who was abducted from her jail cell, raped and, along with her son, lynched by a mob in Okfuskee. Human Zoo, Dreams And Nightmares, Walk The Earth, Lest We Forget, I Have A Dream, Kinfolk, Before Us, African History, Black People
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rare photograph showing African slaves being freed by the Royal Navy. In East Africa. These obviously were not slaves destined for the US since this is long after slavery was ended there.

10 Dismal Facts on How Slave Masters Brutally Treated Black People

1. Sexual Assault and Abuse During slavery, white male plantation owners, their sons, brothers and other male acquaintances raped Black women without fear of punishment. Their reasons ranged from lascivious desire to acts of punishment. Black men were also sexually abused by slaveholders, and, sometimes, their wives. 2. Instruments of Torture Thumbscrews, cotton screws, metal and wood neck […]

US Slaves - Never Forget! Fabrice Monteiro's Amazing Images of Fugitive Slaves In Slave Torture Devices: The Atlantic Slave Trade was the largest Forced migration in world history. Kings & Queens, African Diaspora, African American History, History Facts, World History, Black People, Black Is Beautiful, Black History, Forced Migration

US Slave

South Jersey Heritage: A Social, Economic and Cultural History - R. Craig Koedel --"CHAPTER EIGHT: The Fight Against Slavery" -- Black slavery, although less extensive in South Jersey than elsewhere in the state, arrived with the earliest of the English settlers. In the 1676 Concessions and Agreements the term "slave" was omitted, but the institution was recognized in that every freeman taking up lands in West Jersey was to be allotted additional acreage for every "servant that he or she…

Woman On Holiday in Finds Dog With Broken Spine, Takes Him Home From Greece To Holland Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Creta, Stop Animal Cruelty, Faith In Humanity Restored, All Gods Creatures, Animal Welfare, Stray Dog, Bored Panda
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Chien et chiot dans l'actualité - Wamiz

Alors que Kiara Ijzendoorn et sa famille se promenaient sur les routes de Crète, en Grèce, ils ont trouvé un chien étendu au milieu de la route et ont immédiatement su que quelque chose n’allait pas, car le toutou était presque incapable de bouger. - Publicité - “Ses pattes étaient complètement paralysées. Il avait une grosse …

Lyon : des poulets brûlés vifs pour une expo d’art, les défenseurs des animaux en colère

Lyon : des poulets brûlés vifs pour une expo d’art, les défenseurs des animaux en colère

Si l’artiste assure que les volatiles ne souffrent pas, des associations dénoncent le spectacle offert aux visiteurs du musée d’art contemporain de Lyon.

Sign Petition: Thousands of stray dogs to be exterminated in Sochi Pitbulls, Believe, Stop Animal Cruelty, Animal Welfare, Stray Dog, Go Fund Me, Animal Rights, Animal Rescue, Decir No
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LE 9 JUIN 2012 : A STRASBOURG POUR LES LEVRIERS D'ESPAGNE Un grand rassemblement est prévu devant le Parlement Européen à Strasbourg (67000), au secours des Lévriers Espagnols… Rendez-vous à14 H 00 pour une marche dans le calme, d’environ une heure...

Boycott Pyeongchang 2018 posters – Post and share everywhere! – Update on "Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation! All Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, South Korea News, Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, Stop Animal Cruelty, New Poster, Animal Welfare, Animal Rights
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Congo: mass murder takes place right now in the general indifference // Use translation button for your language

Congo : Un massacre de masse se déroule en ce moment dans l’indifférence générale

Le Congo subit en ce moment un des génocides les plus meurtriers que l’humanité ait connut, et tout ça, dans la plus grande indifférence générale. En effet, depuis plus de 13 ans, on dénombre plus …

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Chine: un requin-baleine se fait découper vivant (vidéo)