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20de77548e09c7ff_large.jpg (1280×830)

c772289a4bf0ec60_large.jpg (1280×830)

c772289a4bf0ec60_large.jpg (1280×830)

005-kim-novak-theredlist.jpg (900×554)

Kim Novak by Leonard McCombe—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images/ Caption from LIFE. "Worlds away, Kim listens to crystal gazer Zaza in Armando's in New York. Kim refuses to believe any bad omens. ZaZa's prophecies were all good.

141230-kim-novak-03.jpg (833×559)

Kim Novak in a meeting with agents Al and Wilt Melnick, Los Angeles, photo by Leonard McCombe for LIFE magazine

103881997.jpg (1024×701)

103881997.jpg (1024×701)

career-girl-01.jpg (1012×841)

'Career Girl' Gwyned Filling: Portrait of a Young Woman's Life in 1948 New York by Leonard McCombe

150115-oscar-rehearsals-02.jpg (838×555)

Not published in LIFE. Inside Los Angeles' RKO Pantages theater, home of the Academy Awards from 1949 through Janet Leigh and Shirley MacLaine practice a tune.

82+leonard+mccombe+.jpg (766×1160)

82+leonard+mccombe+.jpg (766×1160)

ba4c2a954dc2f401793a27e5bfcb4dcb.jpg (500×750)

Paul Newman drinking coffee on the set of ‘The Young Philadelphians’, photographed by Leonard McCombe,

160205-jackie-gleason-06.jpg (1012×690)

THIS DAY IN ROCK HISTORY: January On the Jackie Gleason Show Bobby Darin is not allowed to perform his latest song "Long Line Rider" so he walks off the set. The song deals with recent prisoner abuse issues in the Arkansas penal system.

00002032_medium.jpeg (639×467)

Vintage picture of girls jumping rope. Vintage is right! I couldn't find an up to date photo of little girls jumping rope.

857c46bf1e710c0d49172bbfb3a07d00.jpg (500×741)

My first television crush! :) Steve McQueen Photo by Leonard McCombe.

017_leonard-mccombe_theredlist.jpeg (356×480)

Clarence Hailey Long, 1949 - This is C. Long, a foreman at the JA ranch in the Texas panhandle, a place described as acres of nothing much.” He was sensationalized as the original Marlboro Man.

9b5b17fe16c3d6362ea567e122258091.jpg (500×750)

Steve McQueen with his wife Neile l by Leonard McCombe, 1961 l People Photography