... mais si t'as ramené la chose la plus brillante, chaleureuse et lumineuse qui soit, toi <3 ;)

"Open the window of love. The moon will not use the door, only the window" - Rumi. Abre la ventana al amor. La luna no usará la puerta, solo usará la ventana.

manga animaux : chaton

manga animaux : chaton ★ More on - Get Ozzi Cat Magazine here >>…

Des bras...

who / where / when: Photographer named Tash, at a beautiful beach, June what: Octopus girl doesn’t look human with her 8 extra arms. She stands on black and white logs while the tran…

Kathe Fraga paintings, inspired by vintage Paris and Chinoiserie Ancienne. "Dans Le Jardin" on frescoed canvas, 24x36. www.kathefraga.com

Blossom Style Inspiration by A Design Queen: Modern Chinoisie Style Painting - Kathe Fraga

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