Un range magazine pour ranger le papier alu et ses comparses

Clever storage solution for kitchen essentials: Magazine holder attached to inside of cabinet door, used to house aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, etc.

Pour accrocher les colliers

Necklace Holder with Blue and Green Knobs

jewelry holder - get a strip of wood and some knobs from Hobby Lobby or World Market! I love the drawer pulls at HL! I need to figure out something with the pallet wood (maybe a frame?) that can incorporate an eclectic collection of HL knobs.

Love this!!

Free printable: To do list

Un tiroir et des crochets pour ranger tous les bijoux

Upcycled Jewelry Organizing Display- Wood Drawer Portable Jewelry Display jewelry display ideas Such a cute idea!

under shelf basket for breads--won't fall or get smashed. Also a full pantry organizing system.

Organize Your Pantry by Zones

Under shelf basket for breads–won’t fall or get smashed. Other good pantry organizing tips on this link. Under shelf basket for breads–won’t fall or get smashed. Other good pantry organizing…

Paniers a linge integres

10 astuces de rangement pour la salle de bains et la salle de lavage

Une caisse à pommes en guise de rangement et table d'appoint.

Achetez ou bricolez une petite table pour votre intérieur

just use solid wood crate on its end for side tables? put magazine holders in bottom or basket for blankets 38 Adorable White Washed Furniture Pieces For Shabby Chic And Beach Décor

Salle de lavage: 10 fantaisies | CHEZ SOI

Salle de lavage: 10 fantaisies

Lost Socks - DIY for the laundry room. I like this idea but I'd need it to be bigger than this for all the socks I have lost.

Astuce intéressante que le cintre pour accrocher toiles et posters

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall

apartment art display - hang artwork without mussing up your rented walls using a DIY trellis and pant-hangers. plus, nice orange couch.

Ranger les produits de toilette

# Turn A cheap CD tower into a great bathroom organizer Crazy DIY Projects That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Home Decor

Pen Holder | 50 Clever DIY Ways To Organize Your Entire Life

Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies. This website also has additional paper towel/toilet paper tube project ideas.

Un râteau pour porter les verres !

23 façons créatives de transformer vos vieilles affaires en décorations très inventives

Be creative in your kitchen and repurpose your old kitchen items. Everyone at home have a lot of vintage stuff that are too old to be used. With your imagi