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two balls of yarn are on top of a blue and white cloth with a needle
Китайский плед
a crocheted purse with pink flowers on the front and side, sitting on a table
Ирландское кружево
a close up of a person wearing a dress with crocheted flowers on it
Светлячокъ. Творческие идеи. Вдохновение.. Запись со стены.
Portrait, Antiques, Point Lace, Venetian, Antique
Antique Lace heavy Venetian type lace piece
Couture, Antique Linens, Linens And Lace, Vintage Linens, Irish Lace, French Lace
Wedding Dress 101: Alençon Lace | The Gilded Gown
a red top with lacy lace on it
Туника «Амфора» видео МК
four different patterns that have been made to look like animals and plants in the same pattern
Кофта в технике ирландского кружева. Работа Алёны Филимоновой