Simple. Dualité visuelle en contradiction avec le mot one.

This logotype is very unique. Even though the word is "one" a line slashing thorough is appealing to the eye. It shows two words saying "one" the darker bold font, and the light font. It shows good use of alignment and contrast.

Voici probablement le plus beau style de logo que l’on retrouve de plus en plus de nos jours. Ce type ...

32 logos “Negative space“

Logo is made of my initials LB and a pencil in negative space which symbolizes designing, drawing, illustrating.

logo du blogue de Julie Lafrance

This wordmark is definitely a source of inspiration for my Project 4 design. I think the stacked typed and overall linearity of the design make it sophisticated but still very lively.

26 logos avec des combinaisons étonnantes - Inspiration graphique #13 | BlogDuWebdesign

26 logos avec des combinaisons étonnantes - Inspiration graphique #13

Dribbble - Black Cat Lounge by Jacob Weaver Clever Examples of Negative Space Logos)


a collection of tried & true goofy compliments from previous decades carried over onto this nifty sticker set.

Les logos “hand made” magnifiques de Dalibor Momcilovic.

Dalibor Momcilovic

Handmade Lettering for Logos. Dalibor Momčilović is the name of this creative designer who developed these stunning handmade lettering logo designs.

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