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Alpha Female _ Independent Women _ Confident Women _ Strong Women _ When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile & very politely say "you hit like a bitch.

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"To read is to dream with eyes open." Reading is opening your eyes to dreaming.

#citations #vie #amour #couple #amitié #bonheur #paix #esprit #santé #jeprendssoindemoi sur: www.santeplusmag.com

#citations #vie #amour #couple #amitié #bonheur #paix #esprit #santé #jeprendssoindemoi sur: www.santeplusmag.com

Ne sous-estime jamais le pouvoir guérisseur d'écouter à fond ta chanson préférée, tout en dansant comme un idiot, partout dans la maison.

Never underestimate the healing power of listening to your favorite song, at home while dancing like an idiot!

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Happiness is when our thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony.