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Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn is a hand lettering artist and illustrator located in Orlando, Florida specializing in hand lettering, chalk lettering, illustration, whimsical lettering and kid friendly illustrations.

On giants' shoulders

In between art and graphic design the work of Spanish Xabier Zirikiain, who is also the founder of fashion label Loreak Mendian.

FF English School: Bear, beard, beer

"Bear, beard or beer? Make your english clear" FF English School Agency: Dim & Canzian (São Paulo, Brazil)

Musée de la Grande Guerre: Experience, 7  DDB Paris

Print advertisment created by DDB, France for Musée de la Grande Guerre, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

DDB Tribal, Berlin, Germany

66 years of rock, now rolling - Volkswagen Beetle - Fender Edition - adv

Sobelman Corta Pega - /  Las estrellas de Javier  /

Sobelman Corta Pega - / Las estrellas de Javier /

WWF: Recycling kids, Swing

Eco-Friendly Toy Ads:The WWF We Should Never Stop Recycling Campaign Promotes Playful Alternatives (by 141 SohoSquare, Brazil)