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An exhibition of more than 200 of Charles Edenshaw's works, assembled from public and private collections around the world, is at the Vancouver Art Gallery from Oct. 26 to Feb. 2. Charles Edenshaw, the companion book to the exhibition, is published by the Vancouver Art Gallery and Black Dog Publishing, London England.

Haida transformation mask depicting Raven as the Creator and the Wanderer. Carved by Charles Edenshaw Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford England

berceau en épines de Porc-épic, les Premières nations Mi'kmaq, 1875 - cèdre, écorce de bouleau, plume de porc-épic, racine d'épinette et de la soie avec des punaises de cuivre. Présenté au Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick.

This is an amazing Porcupine quill cradle, First Nations; Mi'kmaq c 1875 - cedar, birchbark, porcupine quill, spruce root and silk with copper tacks 15 cm x 16 cm x 3 cm. Shown at New Brunswick Museum.

Nunavut, Canada

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada ---- It's my hope to visit this place and experience traditional Inuit culture

Canada - First Nations and Inuit Map - Native Names Only – North American Book Distributors

This map is the most comprehensive ever created of the First Nations of Canada. It utilizes the original and true tribal names for each Nation, and shows where each Nation was originally, before conta