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“A large stack of corpses is cremated in Dresden, Germany, after the British-American air attack between February 13 and The bombing of Dresden has been questioned in post-war years, with.

This is the logic of people who dont deserve to call themselves Christians. There is no logic involved; just ignorance

Shouldn't be called Christian Logic because there are lots of Christians who fully support Gay marriage and don't view it as a sin. This should be called "Christianity used against Gay Marriage Logjc

Stories from the Bible - Lot and His Daughters

Stories from the Bible - Lot and His Daughters Not buying that this was the daughters' idea--especially after the way he threw them under the bus during the Sodom and Gomorrah episode!

Lot on Sodom

"Wait, don't sodomize my male visitors. Gang rape my virgin daughters instead! God loved this guy and he is revered by Christians and Muslims as a "righteous" man.