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Never Ever Quit!!

Never Ever Quit! & working out can help ease some joint pain & the muscles & tendons surrounding become stronger

Don't mess with me

Don't mess with me

Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site

Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site

Fuck the easy way, there is no shortcut in life. You want to become great my friend, work smart, work hard and get results. à la conquête d'un univers

Life Isnt About Waiting For The Storm To Pass. But it is important to remember that not everything that is true must be stated - even when things get rough!

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Don't continuously judge yourself for your past mistakes - and don't let others continuously do that either. The past does not equal the future. Your future starts today. With the choices and actions you take, starting now.

I will quit when my body is no longer capable of carrying out orders from my mind!

A note for you...

i will chase you and wait for you until the end of my life if i have to , i lost you once i wont lose you again .

Morning Fitness Motivation Photos) People who are motivated by achievement desire to improve skills and prove their competency to themselves and others. It can be an internal desire to . Contact us for custom quotes prints on canvas or vinyl