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Save space in your shed or garage and make sure you never lose another tool again with the perfect tool storage solution.

Help your Dad upgrade his man space this Father's day with our magnetic workshop organiser kit. A great gift for the DIY Dad.

Zip-ties right into the peg board and soup cans! Fabulous tool storage!

Much cheaper than the things they sell made to put on pegboard - Use zip ties to hang tin cans on peg boards. This is a great way to organize those nails, screws, drill bits, etc.


Stuffed Animal Zoo- give the kids a hat with 'Zoo keeper'.And let the Zoo keeper clean up ;-) Needed this 20 years ago when my mom sent my 3 kids over 101 stuffed animals until I put a stop to it!

Ranger les vis et clous

This is why I've been hoarding all my used jam jars. Screw the lid to the underside of a shelf and hey presto! another great storage idea for all the little stuff.

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DREAM garage, if only I could keep hubby organized out there. Organized garage using well measured labelled clear bins.

Amazing Uses For Old Pallets - 18 Pics:

Look at this perfect tool rack organization. It was made from new wood in the link where we found it, but could easily be made out of pallets or with Rust-Oleum wood stain!

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What a great idea from Lori and her husband! My husband made this fruit basket thing to free up some counter space. More room now for all my THM supplies! - Lori C.