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Architects: FT Architects Location: Kanagawa, Japan Architect In Charge: Katsuya Fukushima, Hiroko Tominaga Work Title: Light Sheds Area: sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Shigeo Ogawa

shigeru ban architects: museum rietberg temporary summer pavilion - designboom | architecture & design magazine

shigeru ban architects designs museum rietberg zurich's temporary summer pavilion to compliment the existing building's scale and proportion.

Naked house - Shigeru Ban

In this project, Shigeru Ban strives to achieve the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese dwelling using modern materials.

Shigeru Ban, Naked House, 2000, Saitiarna, Japan

Plan East & West Elevation North & South Elevation Sections Axonometric Box Detail .

Shigeru Ban, Naked House

ArtChist: Naked House in Saitama, Japan

naked house shigeru ban 2000

naked house shigeru ban 2000

g.jpg (984×984)

“Naked House” by Shigeru Ban

House near Tokyo, Shigeru Ban Architects

subtilitas: Shigeru Ban - Naked house, Saitama Photos (C) Hiroyuki Hirai.