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seriously my favourite moment of the season <3 #iwatobiboysvssamezukaboys LOVE THEM ALL TO DEATH!

Gah, I love this! Iwatobi V. Samezuka Tachibana Makoto v. Mikoshiba Momotarou Nagisa Hazuki v. Nitori Aiichirou Ryuugazaki Rei v. Yamazaki Sousuke Nanase Haruka v. Matsuoka Rin The Ultimate Relay. The Ultimate teams!

Free! ~~ Seijuurou confesses to Gou GIF YESSS I SHIP THEM SO HARD THEY PERF :3333333333333333333333333333

Free~C'est que ils sont mignon mais ils ne sortiront pas ensembles !

Free! Eternal Summer episode 2

This is an anime full of yaoi ships and almost none straight ships so deal with it, if you want to be in it you gotta be gay too

Ah crap. I think I might be getting a new favorite character.

ES ~~ This kid's a trip! Keep in mind that "Momo" means "peach". I ship it.