Organisateurs textuels

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Adjectif qualificatif

Ugolino and his sons essay about myself It illustrates moments of death of Ugolino’s offspring and the mystery. Ugolino and His Sons Essay. 2652 Words Feb “I calmed myself to make them.

Fiche de relecture                                                                                                                                                      orthographe

Code de corrections: World Language correction codes. Help students correct their own errors.

Les prépositions

We used to have a song for "sur sous dans, devant derrière" in elementary school, complete with hand motions, and it helped with memorization ( i may or may not still use this song sometimes to jog my memory in high school french class)

verbes conjugués avec être

Graphic organizer - how to remember which verbs are conjugated with etre - la maison du verbe Être

Passé composé

Le conditionnel et ses emplois: je me conditionne!